Development and Construction Manager

F3GROUP is a market leading and technology driven Development and Construction Manager.

Our aim is to make schemes viable, ensuring profits are retained in the community by removing layers of profit on profit and fees from the end to end process, focusing on time and cost efficiencies against measurable KPI’s using technology.

SPACE – Our Strategic Property and Community Enhancement model; focuses on transparency, accountability and outcome.

Adopting the SPACE model, our client’s have the potential to achieve real tangible benefits in both cost and time savings. We promote the use of off-site manufactured products, which can further enhance potential benefits with the addition of providing greater sustainability in the future.

Working closely in collaboration under an agreed set of terms, we can demonstrate our commitment to our clients by offering a simple form of cost over-run guarantee.

F3GROUP support asset owners, public sector organisations or housing associations looking for a delivery partner to assist in their growth plans or enhancing their assets.

We can acquire or assemble sites (unconditionally or subject to planning), create enhancement through strategic planning of our client’s own asset and deliver the build as an integrated development and construction service, removing those layers of costs in order for our clients to retain the greatest amount of profits for their communities.

F3GROUP skills are also particularly suited to partners with limited development expertise and resource or larger organisations looking for an innovative, reliable and well-funded partner.

With the capability to manage circa £500m property and construction related services per annum, and employing over 120 talented people, F3GROUP and our partners have a strong the financial covenant to assist in funding suitable developments.

What makes us different? Our entrepreneurial spirit, matched with a relentless attention to detail, process and wider technology deliverability, ensures we are truly focused on efficiency and time for the right delivery outcomes.

We are both a funding and technology driven delivery partner.  We manage risk and create reward, with a flexible and transparent approach.

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