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Site-based integrated delivery

Technology has transformed the way projects are delivered, driven by Building Information Management (BIM), off site manufacturing and data analytics.

F3GROUP’s technology-driven Construction Management model is designed to support our clients with building smarter, faster and more cost efficient assets.

Using our technology driven delivery model, considered and value engineered design with alternative product solutions, we offer our clients an effective, streamlined and transparent approach, that is supported using contracting and development knowledge with professional management skills. 

We bring together the complementary skills of strategic advisors and practical implementors with a wealth of experience, energy and innovation in one outstanding creative environment.

Why ask the construction market to buy your risk at a premium, when you could partner with tier-2 contractors, and design out the risk before you buy? This is our Construction Management approach.

Risk model | benefits of using F3GROUP CM delivery



We remove the barriers to problem solving through mutual trust and teamwork involving all parties to a project, commitment by the whole team to deliver our client’s key objectives and to search for the most effective solutions, not limited to only time and costs.

Our approach offers precise clarification of roles, responsibilities and risks and a simplified organisational structure with fewer levels of decision making, more certainty and increased flexibility in the delivery process.

We take responsibility for the overall delivery and remain part of our client’s core team at all times. Priority is to act in the interests of our client, achieving best possible performance from the whole team for optimum delivery and out-turn cost.

Our core offering is to provide integrated project co-ordination and construction management, undertaking the role of Principal Contractor. 

We are responsible for the overall delivery (and can be incentivised as such) of the construction phase, client-facing and remaining part of our client’s team.

Our approach and attention to detail, professionalism and a pragmatic and straight forward approach to managing challenging tasks, offers our clients an extension of their professional team, site-based and with major main contracting knowledge base and contacts.

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Pre-construction | Federated Modelling

Development projects generate an enormous amount of data, the key is to focus on diverse but specific project points.

Combining and analysing this data reveals relationships, insights and patterns, which are invaluable in strategic business planning.

We look to advise on complementary design for intelligent construction, developing a federated model with a bias of incorporating the use of off-site manufacturing. 

Key in our pre-construction function is the the use of technology, precise  controls, build-ability advice and reporting.  This allows for more accurate forecasting, control of individual trade package budgets, committed costs, quality and shorter timeframes.

In summary we look to benchmark against three KPI’s; 

  • transparency
  • efficiency and
  • timeframes

F3GROUP is able to call upon our vast knowledge bank with the capability to implement key stages of construction including:

  • Strategic due diligence: development strategies, sensitivity modelling, financial analysis & execution plans – (BEP, PEP)
  • Understand brand and marketing: EIR (employers information requirements)
  • EIR IFC models solibri federated & validated: detailed 3/4/5D BIM modelling and DfMA (design for manufacture & assembly)
  • Clash detection schedules
  • Build-ability and modelling
  • Accurate market testing with engaged tier 2 supply chain
  • Co-ordinated programmes with milestones driven by data drops
  • Interactive logistics and delivery models
  • Cost & schedule modelling with 4/5D Macro-BIM
  • Value engineered ideas and alternative product options
  • Specifications and walk throughs
  • Logistics planning

Design, procurement, construction delivery and cost control becomes ‘one’ process as we undertake the roles of:

  • design manager
  • project administrator
  • contract implementor
  • cost manager and constructor; throughout the project

Reports are more informative, easy to understand and supporter oriented. Cost control exposes early trade package cost movements, enabling clear and focused decisions to be made at all times.

Significant overlap of design, tendering and construction periods allows considerable savings in time and cost. Change can be integrated and managed later into construction without undue penalty or delay.

Our client’s retain risk but are better able to control and manage risks and their consequences through our Construction Management route.

Any savings made by the project team through managing risk are returned back to our client’s contingency allowance or can be re-invested into the project to enhance for example, the specification.

Delivery | Integrated & Site-Based

We have a proven track record of combining and executing integrated management with technology driven delivery techniques, on large volume projects across the UK, within demanding environments for long term framework partners and clients.

What sets us apart from many of our competitors are our Group’s development solution components at our disposal and understanding of technology and off site manufactured solutions, supported with high level reporting, benchmarked using KPI’s for performance delivery.

Our ability to fix costs does not end with our staff and fee, as our Construction Management model is always tailored to fit our client’s needs. For example:

  • The fee may be a fixed percentage of construction cost on a lump sum
  • Staff costs may be reimbursable or fixed for either part of the project life cycle or for the full term
  • Organisation costs (central preliminaries) may be in a reimbursable or fixed lump sum basis
  • All of which can add certainty to our supporter’s predictability of outturn cost

Alternatively, during the procurement stage of fixing the trade contract package costs, we may consider converting the Construction Management approach to a form of 2-stage appointment and consider delivering the project on a guaranteed not to exceed ‘fixed price’.

We increase the emphasis on high quality co-ordinated design, identifying all the trade specialists early, thereby eliminating hidden management and construction management discounting, characteristics of other forms of procurement.

F3GROUP’s technology lead construction management solution, can be employed and act as a consultant alongside the project team on a ‘fixed fee’ and therefore, able to act in our client’s best interests without the adverse influence of ‘profit’ motivation.

No main contractor means no contractors profit margin to protect. The process therefore becomes a collaborative non-confrontational process.

Our main role on managing site activities include:

  • The role of Principal Contractor.
  • Arranging for site accommodation, welfare facilities, fences, hoardings, roads and walkways, drainage, power and water supply.
  • Co-ordinating setting out.
  • Arranging labour for certain site activities (such as logistics and cleaning).
  • Managing site inspectors.
  • Co-ordinating the release of information.
  • Managing and co-ordinating trade contracts, including acting as contract administrator, carrying out or co-ordinating inspections, issuing instructions and certificates etc.
  • Co-ordinating the work of statutory undertakers.
  • Witnessing tests and co-ordinating commissioning.
  • Collating as-built information, building owner’s manual, building user’s handbook, project handbook, health and safety file, pre-construction information and construction phase plan.
  • Monitoring key performance indicators.
  • Chairing site progress meetings and preparing progress reports for our clients.

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