DevelopDevelopment Manager

Creates opportunities, funds & manages performance

Our development management skills, bring together finance, construction expertise and development knowledge to create inspiring and sustainable developments that breath life into the environments in which we all live, work, learn and play.

We are experienced in managing the acquisition of an incoming producing asset, assessing options for a development, creating profitable investment opportunities or crafting innovative solutions for investors, fund partners or supporters (clients).

Our unique offering is being able to implement the opportunity or solution; we invest our time, resource and initial funds, against pre-agreed performance criteria and then execute the development delivery, together with securing potential options for pre-sale exits or anchor tenants; we are “the glue”.

Our team of skilled professionals understand what creates value, reduces the risk and assesses what the market needs and drivers are from the outset.

We often act as an extension to in-house development teams and are normally retained to undertake the professional management of the development.

Our core team is from both public and private sector backgrounds, we assist our supporters with their development strategies and the implementation of either investment and/or development delivery requirements.

F3GROUP is currently advising on major commercial and residential developments in central London, to complex regeneration mixed use schemes across the UK.

Create | opportunities & solutions

We are increasingly called upon to apply our skills and experience earlier in the project cycle.

When required, we are able to mobilise quickly and if more appropriate, we can operate from deep within an organisation, working harmoniously within our supporter’s corporate or entrepreneurial cultures.

Informed Decisions: Our experience in providing relevant advice allows our supporters to make early decisions as we look to provide the initial analysis of the financial viability and build-ability of the development from a technical aspect.

Our Approach: Is to formulate robust and appropriate strategies and manage the end to end development process from first stage due diligence.

Our Role: From the selection and/or appointment of the most suitable professional team, through to the planning stage and then to the successful delivery of the development.

Knowledge: We are able to call upon our vast knowledge bank with the capability and understanding of the following:

  • Site analysis
  • Town planning strategy
  • Site investigations and remediation
  • Market comparisons
  • Consultant and advisor selections
  • Strategic programming and consultancy
  • Cost and value analysis
  • Project briefing and definition
  • Logistics and construction consultancy

Invest | time, resource & funds

With an enviable reputation for creating high return investment opportunities for investors, developers and joint venture partners.

Investment: Using our own skill base and financial resources or through strategic partners, we co-invest into opportunities and provide the expertise and traction to successfully execute the investment; we like to have ‘skin in the game’.

Methodology: Based on sound principles of trust, integrity and a genuine desire to add value in a meaningful way.

Approach: We see our approach to investment management as a partnership and strive to maintain our reputation and all stakeholder relationships for the long term.

Our Offering: Aligning our own interests with partners, integrity and professional commitment are paramount to our offering.

Value Add: We believe in adding value at every stage of the investment process; our uncompromising commitment to provide true value is the key to delivering investment solutions that perform.

Core Responsibilities: Deploying equity and arranging debt funding in efficient hand crafted structures; we source, report, evaluate and manage equity and debt performance for our supporters and joint venture partners.

Risk: We evaluate, test and arrange wherever possible, early options to exit the investment, through a combination of pre-sale, pre-let or strategic marketing.

Manage | Process & project teams

The team bring a depth of knowledge and expertise in providing professional services advice and management.

Our proactive approach ensures the best value for our supporters, whether we are providing high-level strategic advice, management throughout the lifecycle of a development or in a support/advisory role.

Flexible: Highly bespoke approach based on a robust and well-proven formula for professional services delivery. It is far more than the application of a process; it’s about teamwork and trust, real people in real time.

Full Spectrum: We provide a full array of project, commercial and programme management services; from the preparation of business cases and the development of organisational frameworks through to procurement, design, construction delivery and operation.   We advise on the appointment and management of the professional team where required.

Processes: Irrespective of the scale or complexity of a project, our systems and processes can be modified to provide control, governance and transparency from inception to completion.

Confidence: By providing strong, expert leadership from the commencement of a tailored set of processes and procedures, we provide our supporters the level of confidence and assurance that they require.

Specialist Knowledge: Whether planning future activities, measuring current progress or reviewing completed programmes for delay analysis, our specialist teams of programmers draw on their many years of development, design, procurement, construction and operational planning to apply their specialist knowledge to our supporter’s projects.

Route Map: No matter what type, size or complexity of project, we develop a route map that incorporates time and activity plans or programmes to ensure a joined up and co-ordinated approach to the management of the development.

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The Team

Our people are creative, passionate and refuse to accept the limits of the industry.

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