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Resource and Systems

People and systems are, and continue to be at the heart of our business and are central to driving the success for our clients in developing opportunities, designing effective solutions and creating efficiencies.

We offer access to a pool of talent, which has a full range of property and construction professionals; all of which are time charged and on-demand.

Managing a complex project demands effective tools accessible by the entire team, we utilise “fu3e” software, our bespoke integrated web-enabled system.

Combining resource and systems, these two key elements within any delivery offering, require full integration and understanding, this is why we believe we are able to offer the most effective solutions for our clients.

Resource | Full range of skill sets on demand

You have the choice to engage F3GROUP’s PEOPLE division and manage those resources directly yourself, offering flexibility and transparency.

Furthermore, you have limited commitment and the option to engage a working senior manager or account director to manage this resource or project team.

We provide our clients with temporary resources, as individuals or as a team, to work as part of a client’s own organisation.

This arrangement can be on a short or long term basis; part or full-time. Whatever the commission, our talent pool is supported by and can draw upon the wider resources within the group.

Systems | Bespoke web enabled management portal

Our systems are at the forefront of both developing new in-house software systems and introducing and managing proprietary software to aid the management of projects for our clients and their teams.

The main aim for our systems team is to provide you with:

  • Control and insight across all parties on your projects
  • Provide the tools to maintain rigorous adherence to timelines, budgets, and quality
  • Smarter decisions, clear accountability 
  • Better project outcomes

Paperless: Virtually every single document used within the property and construction industry is (or can be) generated by computer.  We aim to integrate and transfer those documents between the various parties involved in a project, fast and efficiently.

Accessibility: Our system is accessible to the entire project team through our easy to use web application.

Sharing: It provides fast and efficient file sharing, enabling audited distribution of the entire suite of construction and project related documentation.

Processes:  We design, implement and manage efficient bespoke processes which align to our supporter’s specific business requirements.

Workflows: Approval and workflows processes that are paramount to the smooth running of any project can be bespoke using our tailored software.

BIM: We have developed practical means of integrating BIM into any process.

Control: Restrict visibility of sensitive information through built in permissions, controlled folders and process forms.

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The Team

Our people are creative, passionate and refuse to accept the limits of the industry.

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