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fu3e Platform

Whether you are managing one project phase or an entire portfolio, our integrated technology platform (fu3e) and integrated processes, support increase control and visibility whilst reducing time, costs and risk.

Virtually every document used within the property and construction industry is (or can be) generated by computer.  We aim to integrate and transfer those documents between the various parties involved in a project, fast and efficiently.

Combining process and systems, which are two key elements within any delivery offering, requires full integration and understanding, this is why we believe we are able to offer the most effective solutions for our Clients.

Managing a complex project demands effective tools accessible by the entire team, using our platform, integrated processes and high performance team, we are able to offer clients with a single solution.

Our platform ‘fuses contract and process’ securely and effectively and is the foundation for our transparent, efficient and accelerated integration of service delivery.

Fu3e is bespoke, with dashboards and innovative integrations that allows teams to track and monitor contract performance in real time, identifying inefficiencies, cost over-runs, time delays and alike.


fu3e. Bespoke web enabled management portal

Our team are at the forefront of both developing new in-house software systems and introducing and managing proprietary software to aid the management of projects for our clients and their teams.

The main aim for our team is to provide you with:

  • Control and insight across all parties on your projects
  • Provide the tools to maintain rigorous adherence to timelines, budgets, and quality
  • Smarter decisions, clear accountability 
  • Better project outcomes
  • Processes: We design, implement and manage efficient bespoke processes which align to our client’s specific business requirements and support our management services
  • Dashboard Reporting: Realtime reports that display your project data
  • Workflows: Approval and workflows processes that are paramount to the smooth running of any project can be bespoke using our tailored software
  • Form Builder: Build your process templates using our easy to use form builder
  • Pulsar Engine: Our proprietary Pulsar engine allows creation of powerful formulae
  • Task Manager: Time sensitive tasks to ensure your processes and team are on time
  • File Storage: Advanced search and filters allows your project team to locate their files faster! Enabling quick and secure sharing options
  • Role Based Permissions: Project role permission matrix, restricts visibility of sensitive information and creates confidence that your users are only able to access the data they are permitted to view and/or action
  • Accessibility: Our platform is accessible to the entire project team through our easy to use web application
  • Sharing: It provides fast and efficient file sharing, enabling audited distribution of the entire suite of construction and project related documentation
  • Support: Professional support network for all your fu3e related needs

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