F3GROUP has worked with the land owner, the project team and the London Borough of Ealing to secure outline planning consent for a substantial mixed use development, adjacent to a new Crossrail station.

Southall is one of the main areas targeted in the London Plan for regeneration and, as a result, a significant level of interest has been created and the inward investment flow has become substantial.


The proposed mixed-use development on the 12-acre site and will create over 1,005,000 sq ft (GEA) of the new build.

Additionally, the scheme creates excellent access routes for Crossrail, both vehicular and pedestrian, suitable Public Amenity spaces and facilities and achieves all the aims of the Southall Public Realm Strategy.

The arrival of Crossrail and the £200m investment into the regeneration of the Havelock Estate will significantly change the surrounding area.

The redevelopment of the site, being so close to the station, offers the potential to establish a new residential neighbourhood and to stitch the Southall community together.