National Museum

F3GROUP provided specialist logistics planning services for the relocation of over 7300 m² of library, archive and collections materials, much of which are of unique national importance.

The collections were to be transferred from five different locations into the newly constructed Sammy Offer Wing.

Surveys, scheduling and sequential move programming were applied to the wide range of materials, which encompassed rare and vintage manuscripts, oversized atlases and a comprehensive archive of every ships log produced over the last 100 years, alongside traditional books and periodicals.

Disparate parts of individual collections were variously stored across the different sites and required to be sorted and interfiled into a single sequence as part of the relocation process, completed to tight deadlines ahead of 2012 Olympic Equestrian events taking place at Greenwich.

Roles and key features included relocation management, move planning and move supervision, as well as risk management and health and safety.