F3G Offering Jobs

We are available through these frameworks to work on projects via direct appointment on a rotational basis or through mini competitions:

Pretium Framework

The framework has two parts to it that can be accessed separately or jointly, providing contracting authorities with the opportunity to benefit from a well-practiced but innovative approach to development and construction delivery.

The funding option (CPV code) enables contracting authorities to access solutions that could help fund property and construction-led initiatives and service need.  

This will enable organisations to work with F3GROUP in securing funding solutions for new assets in advance of completion, thereby providing certainty and reducing development risk.

The framework enables contracting authorities to appoint F3GROUP to manage and engage with other project participants on any construction-led project.  

What the framework offers is the early appointment of F3GROUP to help develop the client brief and access their skills and expertise at the beginning to maximise the end result. 

The framework can be accessed by:

  • Local and Regional Authorities
  • Arms-length management organisation (ALMO's)
  • Affordable and Registered Housing providers
  • National, Regional and Local Health Authorities
  • NHS Trusts
  • Education Authorities.

The key aspects of the framework are:

  • OJEU compliant
  • Immediate appointment without further pre-qualification
  • Introduction of private funding to unlock CAPEX requirements otherwise dependent upon government funding.