Construction Management.

We focus on delivering a variety of business benefits including supply chain efficiencies, ensuring suppliers work to the highest standards, embedding key performance drivers into appraisal processes and direct measuring and monitoring of impacts.

Delivery Process

We believe that the delivery process should be transparent and efficient, and there is no better way to achieve this than through the use of our technology, process' and people.

We deliver the same quality of service that earned our reputation, emphasising transparency, collaboration and mutual benefit.

Our construction management services are offered in a variety of approaches to suit the client’s business philosophy.

Construction management

Key Benefits

Construction Management is an alternative delivery option.

The benefits of using F3GROUP as construction manager are:

  • A higher degree of control
  • Developing solutions and creative lines of thought
  • Flexibility and control
  • Faster mobilisation of projects
  • Risk and reward sharing
  • Transparency

Skill Sets

With our vast knowledge bank and with the capability to manage key stages of construction, our service includes:

  • Due diligence
  • Pre-construction advice
  • Phasing modelling
  • Design review
  • Clash detection scheduling
  • Cost and procurement scheduling
  • Accurate tier 1/2 supply chain market testing
  • Value engineered options
  • Co-ordinated programming
  • Logistics planning
  • Contract administration
  • Design co-ordination
  • Monitoring and measuring performance
  • Chairing and reporting
  • Monitoring records of quality tests, weather and site conditions
  • Managing site safety standards - QSHE
  • Witnessing tests and co-ordinating commissioning
  • Act as “principal contractor” for the purposes of the CDM Regulations 2015

Keith Dorling

Managing Director, Infrastructure | Wolseley plc

"I have tasked the F3G team with some complex and challenging refurbishment projects using both the traditional tendered route and also that of CM. The team have done an exceptional job of delivering a high-end product, on time and under budget with little or no impact to the operational business."