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Sharpshooter - F3 speaks to James Keyworth

James leads the development and growth of fu3e. an adaptive management reporting software platform, which F3 uses across its portfolio of developments.

He has a wealth of experience managing the integration and development of IT systems and web applications at an enterprise level. A recent first-time father, he has also continued his corporate career and was recently awarded his Masters of Business Administration (MBA). Achieving a Distinction grade overall.

One on One.

1. How do you see businesses integrating the adoption of emerging technologies with business strategy?

Many companies are already successfully adopting it, Pfizer being one. They reported saving 30,000 man-hours last year due to the integration of AI throughout the enterprise. As new advancements emerge, they will have an impact on traditional strategic planning activities, such as resource allocation and organisation design.

I would predict that a company’s appetite for risk and level of business unit self-sufficiency will drive strategic decision making. As emergent technology becomes the new norm it will likely broaden opportunities whilst making existing solutions obsolete. Businesses operating in these markets will need to sustain a level of adaptability and foresight to maintain a competitive advantage.

2. How important is technology to business?

The recent Coronavirus crisis has demonstrated the importance of technology to businesses in today’s world. In the UK alone, video calling has risen 62% since the previous quarter. As we all continue to become more connected and proficient in the use of technology, our expectations of the available solutions will rise as a result. Any business that operates technology touchpoints, needs to ensure their customers have a positive experience, as this will ultimately impact on any overall perceived value.

3. Tell us about fu3e., why is it game-changing?

fu3e. is changing the way businesses monitor performance at both a portfolio and project level. The platform provides businesses with a ‘wide lens’: increasing oversight and transparency across workstreams. can be integrated with existing technology solutions and tailored to operate within established management structures, it is extremely flexible.

As a core product fu3e. combines intelligent analytics, automated workflows, real-time dashboards, task management and more. It enables stakeholders at all levels to make informed decisions based on current data and projections.

In addition to this, the platform is constantly improving. We continue to work closely with our new and existing customers: to add new functionality, integrations and improving the overall experience.

4. What are some of the most ground-breaking technologies in the market?

There are so many great products and services available in today’s market, that are based on recent tech advancements. We can access our favourite applications through serverless hosting (Netflix), experience the real-world through augmented reality (Google Lens/IKEA Place), or simply setup our new device with conversational voice interfaces (Alexa/Cortana).

5. What attracted you to the tech world?

I have always been attracted to the industry; I think it is the pace of everything and the constant evolution of products and services that keeps me interested.

Everything is so interwoven with technology nowadays; it is hard not to be impressed by what is becoming possible.

6. How do you keep yourself up-to-date with the latest technology?

There are so many good sources online. The Big Four publish great material on upcoming trends, emerging technology, and industry insights. There are also lots of online tech publications that report on new tech research and innovations – Forbes Tech, CNet, Venture Beat & Wired to name a few.



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