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We provide smart solutions using three core development services - Management, Delivery and Partnership.

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F3g is the UK’s leading boutique development management consultancy in real estate and offers strategic and professional services.

One of the key benefits of using F3 is the structure of our development management teams, who transition from a strategic focus to professional management through the development lifecycle.

F3g often acts as an extension to in-house development teams and is typically retained to undertake the complete professional management of the development.

Experience and expertise
Our team is made up of professional development managers and technical contract specialists. With that comes independent advice backed by years of experience and local market knowledge.

Better manage risk and make informed decisions
Stay on top of the entire project lifecycle – from concept and design to financing and construction. 

Get an accurate picture of costs and a project’s progress. So you can manage risk and have confidence in your decisions at every phase.

Backed by data and technology, our team of multi-disciplined professionals help you deliver quality projects.
Smoothly and successfully.


Powered by fu3e.
Fusing ground-breaking analytics, trusted technology and development advisory expertise; to provide data-led intelligence to deliver your developments.



F3g advisory provides “best in class” asset-level due diligence, predevelopment feasibility, and project management, as well as overall development oversight services as a third-party representative of the owner and investors including real estate private equity funds, construction lenders, HNW family offices, and institutional investors.

Our experience spans across many asset classes and levels of complexity, both at the JV structure and project level.



Construction management 
Why would you buy your construction risk at a huge premium? When you can collaboratively partner with a business which effectively becomes your in-house team.

Our construction management model is a fixed fee and provides project coordination and on-site management.

F3g CM service offers clear forecasting and manages individual trade packages (including costs, quality and programme compliance).  


Design, procurement, construction and cost control become one seamless process, whereby overlapping these tasks translates into significant savings in time and costs.


Technical Due Diligence

We offer an independent technical due diligence audit and report,  typically undertaken prior to final IC approval. 


The purpose of our report is to present an independent commentary on the technical aspects of a client's proposed development or project.

We review the information provided by the seller, development partner and/or professional team and typically report on:

  1. Development Appraisal

  2. Programme 

  3. Site Matters

  4. JV Partner Adequacy

  5. Consultant Suitability

  6. Contractor Suitability

  7. Budget and Cost

  8. ESG Standards

  9. Specifications

  10. Standards & Codes of Practice

  11. Fire Safety Review

  12. Planning and Permits

  13. Legal

  14. Statutory Compliance

  15. Data Room Review

  16. Strategic Risk Analysis

Our technical due diligence services can be used for many purposes, including:​

  • Providing a basis for optimisation of the design of new developments and refurbishments


  • Gaining an understanding of the condition and design of the property​​​​​​

  • Providing a level of protection for the owner, institutional investor or funder


  • Providing a basis for price negotiation


  • Providing a basis for the allocation of risk

  • Providing a basis to improve life safety and


  • Providing a basis for performance improvement, improved sustainability and better decision making


Project Recovery

Distressed development? 
Try F3
g workout solution

When a project or trade becomes distressed, you need to act quickly.  

How can you identify your challenges, timelines and the best course of action? 
Understanding timely and reliable data is the key.

When an asset is in distress, you need an assessment to facilitate the decision to either continue to completion, reposition or divest the asset. 


Using F3g’s expert guidance (Fig1. below) and our fu3e. management platform, enables clients to make critical decisions including an accurate 'cost to complete' evaluation, together with an overall risk and project health assessment.


Use dashboards produced in fu3e. to help guide your teams to make those critical decisions regarding the best path forward. 

Integrate delivery expertise, data and technology.

f3website models.001.jpeg

Fig1. F3 Recovery Model Stages

Delivery Partnership Model (DPM)


DPM is an advisory, funding & delivery solution for public sector projects.


It integrates capital markets, technology, real estate and construction expertise to create a seamless financing and delivery package.


Within a guaranteed budget that addresses the acute need for a range of revenue producing and affordable real estate assets, focused on Government, Local Authorities and Universities.

What is our DPM model?

F3g acts as the single point of responsibility and aligns interests throughout the course of the partnership.

DPM facilitates the development and creation of a wide range of real estate solutions.

The model:

  • An alternative to traditional partnering agreements

  • Delivers a seamless and rapid finance package and the realisation of capital receipts

  • Creates a clear step-by-step delivery programme from inception through to completion, including key milestones and associated costs

  • Ensures transparent cost management

  • Facilitates informed development analysis, strategic decision making and robust business planning

  • Simplifies executive reporting across the entire lifecycle

  • Allows for the absorption of risk and enables solutions to complex real estate decisions

  • Drives transparency across sustainability/KPIs

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